2019, Ashley Alexander.



Ashley Alexander takes us on holiday with his sun-soaked single “Lunar Phase”.


Less than a year has passed and Ashley Alexander has made fast work of making a name for himself locally and abroad. 


With his breakout single “Nicotine” lapping up 600 thousand streams and landing him on an international radar, Ashley Alexander chases warmer climates with his sun-soaked single “Lunar Phase”. 


Recounting a mid-winter escape to the tropical island of Bali, armed with nothing but an acoustic guitar found on the side of the road, "Lunar Phase" was created. A few too many espresso cocktails later and one hell of a tan line, Ashley Alexander returns with the third release from his debut. 


“It's funny that we wait all year to clock out, cash out that annual leave. It’s a blow out culture for sure.. but for one weird reason or another, that's what makes it so dam good. Some things are only good in the heat of the moment, that's what Lunar Phase is all about”. 


Bringing the summer in early “Lunar Phase” will be released on January 24th in the lead up to his first set of New Zealand shows.


With his first date landing him in Hawkes Bay on the 26th December at Cape Estate Festival, it’s safe to say we haven’t long to wait before Ashley takes the big stage.