2019, Ashley Alexander.



It’s safe to say being a musician in 2019 can be an ambiguous pursuit.


Where musical ability was once championed, now lays the task of understanding

where you belong in what is now an ever-growing algorithmic landscape. 


The next to please Spotify algorithms is one who masters both. 


Behind slick production and sun-drenched visuals, Auckland based newcomer

Ashley Alexander holds a story of patience, perseverance and a stubborn affection

with carving out his own musical path.


Lapping up 400 thousand streams on his recent single “Nicotine”

in only a matter of weeks, found the singer-songwriter on NZ singles charts Hot 20,

landing American Spotify playlists and fostering a loyal audience locally and abroad.


Armed with soulful falsettos, irresistible pop melodies and jazz laced groove,

Ashley's pure love for songwriting has fast earned him a musical sensibility and

soul gaining him local and international recognition.


Ashley's powerful range resides in pockets of genre unable to pinpoint.



Ashley Alexander just may be the smoothest man alive in New Zealand

and it's pretty damn obvious there is a serious career in store for him. 



Now with his debut on the horizon, it’s safe to say he has hit the ground running.

With no sign of slowing down, you can expect to see Ashley take the stage this

summer promoting his Debut EP "Staring at the sun for too long".