2019, Ashley Alexander.

A S H L E Y   A L E X A N D E R 

D E B U T   R E C O R D  
S T A R I N G   A T   T H E   S U N   F O R   T O O   L O N G  

Solo artist and multi-instrumentalist Ashley Alexander’s story has only just begun but the future is bursting with promise for this 25 year old singer, songwriter, arranger and producer from New Zealand. 

Armed with an arsenal of funk, jazz and soul influence alongside his trademark falsetto tones, this formidable newcomer embellishes his observations on the bittersweet nature of adult life with a sense of musicality and maturity, and infuses them with a shot of undeniable melody at every turn. 

After years of performing in bands and as a solo act, both home and abroad, Ashley took a break from music to find his feet after a series of life changing events and the death of two childhood friends. Fast forward to 2017, a move to Auckland and a new poolside studio, Ashley began to write.  Armed with a guitar, a soulful intent and fresh eyes, over 60 new songs were born. 

Debut single release Best Song in April 2019 immediately piqued the attention of industry heavyweights and was snatched up for inclusion in NZ On Air’s New Tracks compile alongside features from local and international tastemaker blogs to support the release. 

Taking his signature sound to new heights, Nicotine, the infectious sophomore single has put Ashley squarely on the map. The buzzworthy single arrived in June 2019 to instant acclaim and landed feature spots on major Spotify playlists upon release including; New Music Friday, Just Chill, Unwind, Low Key Weekend, Chill AF in Australasia, plus Fresh Finds and Fresh Finds Poptronix in the USA. The single went on to debut in the NZ Top 40 Hot Single chart at #8. 

The unveiling of the Nicotine video in October saw Ashley reach new heights accumulating over 320 thousand plays on youtube. Backing up a string of successful releases, Ashley performed his debut at this years sold out Cape estate festival.

2020 is shaping up to be an even bigger year with his follow up single dropping in time for the launch of his debut ep "Staring at the sun for too long" this march. 

Expect live dates to follow. 

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Lucky you, here is your private preview to the debut EP.


Ashley Alexander takes us on holiday with his sun-soaked single “Lunar Phase”.


Less than a year has passed and Ashley Alexander has made fast work of making a name for himself locally and abroad. 


Recounting a mid-winter escape to the tropical island of Bali, armed with nothing but an acoustic guitar found on the side of the road, "Lunar Phase" was created. A few too many espresso cocktails later and one hell of a tan line, Ashley Alexander returns with the third release from his debut. 


“It's funny that we wait all year to clock out, cash out that annual leave. It’s a blow out culture for sure.. but for one weird reason or another, that's what makes it so dam good. Some things are only good in the heat of the moment, that's what Lunar Phase is all about”. 


Bringing the summer in “Lunar Phase” will be released on Febraury 28th  in the lead up to his first set of New Zealand shows promoting his debut EP "Staring at the sun for too long" out this March.